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So glad for a weekend!

     Got some treats this past work week. Sarin for her birthday brought in cake on Wednesday, and then she made a bunch of waffles and brought those in Friday. Getting spoiled around here!

     The week started out hot and really muggy, but I'm grateful the humidity has really dropped off the past few days. And the next couple days are going to be below normal temps!

     Got a surprise at work on Thursday. We had our annual big meeting with all the departments that report to my manager. And at the end, something new. Each of the four supervisors gave an award to the 'Most Purpose Driven' associate, which included an award plaque, the company motto framed, and a pair of free Twins tickets. Much to my dismay, I got chosen by Sarah to receive that award. And it is an honor...and I'm looking forward to giving those tickets away too, since I hate baseball!

     I am tempted to pinch myself, and I suddenly feel each day has more hours in it...because after around two months of hard work and a lot of new grey hairs, my big illustration for 'A Parent's Woe' is finally done. That's one of my oldest short stories and I wrote it back in 1997. The illustration is called 'Laughter' which is really ironic considering the misery it put me through! I'm so glad it's done.

     Today is June 17...and that means only 8 months left to my 25th anniversary of first "meeting" t'DoL. EEEEeeeeeeeeee!!!
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