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     I have been really getting spoiled with the weather lately. Such a delight to have a cool streak like this at the end of June. I even got my place down to 62 a couple of nights!

     Saturday brought the annual art fair in my area, and the weather couldn't have been more different. Last year it was 80 by 9 am with a unbearable humidity. This year it was upper 50s and breezy so it actually felt cool. I quite enjoyed walking around, and spending birthday money on a couple small items. Can't forget the deep-fried cheese curds!

     Blessed to get out Sunday morning for a hike at the regional park. It was cloudy and drizzling a little, but nice and cool and not nearly as many bugs as I was expecting. Even got a glimpse of a bald eagle over one of the lakes, and I wish I'd brought a flower book along, as I don't get to enjoy local summer wildflowers much because it's usually too hot for me to be out this time of year--saw a few that were unfamiliar.

     Since it's a tradition of mine to reread my short story 'Vigil' around the solstice/my birthday, and since my old bad writing habits were starting to get on my nerves when I read it, I took some time over the past week to edit it a little bit. That way it won't annoy me when I read it again in 2018!

     Deliciousness is the first farmer's market broccoli for the summer, along with some farmer's market new potatoes. Yum!
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