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Ah, what a day. Of course, the fact that it's 7/7/07 is special enough in itself. But that's not the end of it...

     Wonderful to have fresh blueberries with my breakfast these days, thanks to my mom.

     I went to Woodbury Lakes this morning, the new upscale mall. The flowers were beautiful, but sweeter than that were the tidings that there's a Trader Joe's coming there! My parents got me 'addicted' to Trader Joe's Spicy Cider during my Sacramento visit last Christmas, and my mom even brought me a bottle when she came out. But now--this year or next I might be able to buy my own rather than figuring how many bottles I can stash in my suitcase coming back from Sacramento!

     I had time to sit down and leaf through my 700 page JcPenney Fall/Winter catalog...and they have grey jeans! My very favoritist piece of clothing. Now I just have to get my clothes budget bulked up enough so I can order $50-worth from the catalog by August 3 for free shipping!

     A week ago there was a toad in my
a mouse in my trashcan! Since I'd just emptied it after brushing the cats this morning, the little darling had to have fallen in recently--in fact since I was seated a foot away, I think I heard it happen. The mouse must have entered through the window (all my bedroom screens are cheap mesh with gnawed rodent-holes) crawled along my desk, and leaped or fallen into my trashcan, only to be trapped. I had not been PLANNING to go outside in the 95 F/35 C temps this afternoon, but that's precisely what I did to get the mouse out to a safe brushy place before my cats got wind of it.

     And the best event of the day I'll hopefully post about tomorrow. Certainly a lovely Saturday!
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