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     It's been months, but last Wednesday Dawn and I got to have lunch will Bill, though he was about 20 minutes late. So there wasn't much time to catch up, but it was great to hear about his daughter, who is now three months old already.

     A treat to get an intentionally belated birthday gift from Dawn last Friday of Chicago mix popcorn. It didn't last long!

     Saturday was a special outing. I picked up Dawn and then we headed over to Plum City to visit Shelley's grave (our former coworker). It has been three years already--July 3, 2014 was her funeral and the last time we were in Plum City. We had lunch at her small hometown, then spent some time in Red Wing as well. Could hardly have been blessed with nicer weather for such an outing!

     Sunday brought yet another sermon that was just what I needed to hear to persevere. And I'm grateful the female curse wasn't bad enough to keep me from going to church.

     What a delight to receive a neat traffic delay Monday morning on my way to the park and ride ramp: a mother duck followed by nine half-grown youngsters marching across the street in a perfect line!

     On Monday evening had dinner with the Towners earlier than our usual schedule since Joe will be heading to Alaska in a week. It was a good time, and I was delighted to give them the baseball tickets I won through my award at work. I hope Joe and his brother have a blast!
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