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Recent gratitudes:

     So grateful for air conditioning, especially when it gets up past 90 with dew point at 70. Air conditioning at my job, air conditioning on the bus, and at my home. So very grateful for the portable one in my bedroom!

     So delighted to find some websites for my current project. One produces high-quality prints on various media for artists and photographers. The $20 sample kit includes a monitor calibration card and a $20 gift certificate, so what a deal! Also thrilled that one of the places I've bought mats from in the past has a great preview option for uploading a picture and seeing how it would look with their wide selection of mats and frames. And I can get up to 10 frame samples for only $6!

     Cleaning out the other birthday goodies meant that this weekend I got to break into my mom's wonderful lemon bread. YUMMY! =)

     Got pass 5 on my third Geren book up to 78% and on track to be half a month ahead with hitting the finish line. I've been enjoying the extra reading time on the bus, too!
Tags: book 3: editing, portable ac
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