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Friday and other good things:

     The secured area where I work finally got a carpet cleaning last weekend. After years in which they said it was going to happen but the cleaners couldn't get past our secured finally happened!

     The delight of getting to spend the gift certificate my brother and sister-in-law kindly gave me on Amazon Prime Day. What great timing!

     Raspberries from the farmers market.

     The amazing blessing of two cool days in the middle of the hottest month of the year. Thursday was cloudy and didn't even reach 70, while Friday cleared but didn't start warming up until late in the day. A treat to have the AC off for a couple nights!

     The blessing of being able to remake my 'Among the Roses' picture in Vue to be a larger image for printing out, despite the files being 6 years old. Some things aren't identical, of course, and the by hand bits had to be redone, but it went better than I hoped.
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