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     Spotted sweet corn at the Farmers Market for my first time on Thursday and am quite enjoying it.

     I was in charge of the monthly publish Thursday afternoon, and despite it have some trickier elements, we got done at 5:30 (after starting at 3). Not only that, but Friday was remarkably quiet; none of the disasters I was wincingly bracing least not yet!

     I like treating myself to a movie at the huge IMAX theater around once a year, so when I heard that Dunkirk had been filmed with IMAX cameras, I decided that was my treat for 2017. Got to see the movie on Friday evening and it was amazing. Two superb new movies in two weekends--getting spoiled fast! ;)

     On Saturday I was delighted to succeed with my second platelet donation of the year--my iron was more than high enough, and the pesky vein on my left arm didn't require too much digging to get nailed.

     Can't forget--got to spend the wonderful gift card I got for my birthday along with my regular Trader Joe's shopping before the donation. And since I KNOW my mom is going to ask me what I got with it, I will save her the trouble! Porcini mushroom & truffle triangoli; mushroom and black truffle flatbread with mozzarella cheese; spanakopita (authentic Greek spinach and cheese pie); mushroom ravioli with mushroom truffle sauce; Japanese style fried rice with edamame, tofu, and hijiki seaweed; spinach lasagna; Key Lime pie; and sea salt brownie petites. Since most of it's frozen, I can happily spread it out over the next few months. YUM!
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