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Recent blessings:

     There have been sporadic cool days at times, but overall this month has proven quite a sticky one. Which makes me all the more grateful for the wonder of air conditioning, and especially the portable unit I got for such a good price this spring! Thank you, God!

     Washington-grown cherries on a great sale at the grocery store have been quite the treat with my lunches this week.

     It's a little over a month from the solstice and I can tell the days are getting shorter. What a wonderful feeling!

     Got my electric bill for the first full summer tons-of-AC-usage interval and while it went up over 50% at least it didn't double!

     Actually got started writing a story Monday night! It won't be pretty and I'm sure it won't be easy, but it is great to be working on something besides editing.
Tags: deceptions, portable ac
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