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Shouts · of · Joy

Long weekend blessings:      The weather…

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Long weekend blessings:

     The weather for the Uptown Art Fair on Saturday could hardly have been more perfect. Partially sunny, lower 70s, not humid. So of course it got mobbed quickly, but I had a great time and was blessed by the free transit.

     Sunday morning I finished pass 6 of Geren book 3 edits. Hurrah! So nice to get a good long break before/during when my editor works on it.

     Perhaps because I showed up around 7 am Monday to get a rental car, I was given free dibs on a nice selection. Summer heat is my enemy, so I went strictly by lightest color, which meant I wound up with a rather sporty silver Toyota Corolla. The miles per gallon was amazing!

     Unfortunately for me, the forecast for my time up near Duluth just kept getting raised. So I'm thankful that I also had a 40 hour fast going (though not a complete fast, since I drank decaf iced tea mix instead of water). Once I hit around 16 hours, my metabolism shuts down and it's a little easier to stay cool. Very grateful for that!

     Due to the rental car not having a State Park sticker, I spent a few hours at a park in Duluth until the check-in time for the cabin. As I'd observed years past when I came for an art fair, that place is just crazy with poison ivy. But I had to get a shady spot for my collapsible chair and I wanted a view of the lake. So I'm blessed again...either I'm partially immune to poison ivy or I somehow managed to not touch any (very unlikely). No welts, thank God!

     At the end of my time with God, I drove up to the town of Knife River on Lake Superior to get my mom some candy from Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen. And I got a treat too--they had Key Lime truffles! No way I could pass those up! And they have been delicious.
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