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A bundle of delights:

     Brought in fresh cherries and peaches from a farm outside Salem, Oregon, along with some fruit candies made on the coast to spoil my coworkers on Thursday, and it was quite enjoyed.

     Very glad to have only a two day workweek before a three day weekend as my body is having a hard time adjusting back to my work schedule. (Waking up at 4:30 am feels like 2:30 am Oregon time!)

     Warmer on the weekend, but it was amazing to have a couple days where it barely got past 70. Very nice especially with the heat wave out west.

     Just about made a big mess with updating a dictionary file for work (has to be done off hours) on Friday evening. Just as I thought I was finished, I realized the reason for the out of sync date stamps and was fortunately able to find a back-up copy and replace the overwritten files. So glad God jogged my memory before my blunder triggered a mess on Tuesday morning!

     I was expecting to come home to a huge mess, since my main credit card had to get closed for fraudulent activity--the morning I headed to the airport. I have lots of automated charitable deductions, and a few bills, that come out of there, and of course most hit around the end of the month, while I was gone. But thankfully none of them were declined and now I have a few weeks to get the auto-deductions updated. So glad for that!

     Since my weight didn't go up too badly over my vacation, I broke out the Trader Joe's Key Lime pie I got with a gift card sometime past. Delicious!

     Very blessed by an answer to prayer. My car insurance expired August 31, but I wasn't able to get Cerulean hauled off until September 2. As it turned out, the tow truck guy showed up early and drove my car right out of my garage to the tow truck. So I never had to drive it uninsured on private or public road--so relieved!

     Got out to the State Fair on the very last day--Labor Day. The weather was wonderful--upper 60s to low 70s, I was able to find some stuff I liked in my size at the clothing place I shop at each year, and got the braided rug I've been wanting at the rug place (the lady there uncannily recognizes me every year, and even what I've purchased). I didn't get to see everything I wanted, but I got to a good bit of it--with the food as well. Leaving aside the thunderstorm that left me trapped at the transit station, it was a great time.
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