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Shouts · of · Joy

So very relieved...      Both my aunts and…

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So very relieved...

     Both my aunts and also my cousin Diane and her family living in Florida, made it through the passage of Hurricane Irma without any major damage. Hopefully they will get their power back soon. Also very grateful that my editor's house is also fine. She was supposed to start working on my third Geren book Monday, but obviously that didn't happen. So glad it's just a short delay, when things could have been so much worse for so many. Thank you so much, God!

     My wonderful mom certainly deserves a "Grandmother of the Year" award, after surviving for four full days at my brother and sister-in-laws watching their nine kids (not including all the other partial days of late). It is great to have everybody back home and getting back to a regular schedule!

     Got to share some Oregon trip photos with Dawn at work yesterday, and then got to share them all with the Towners in the evening. It was a great evening, and I got to ride in their new minivan! Grateful for their willingness to drive me home since I'm carless, and that I could ride the bus to the park and ride nearest their home. Also delighted to find out Aaron is moving back to the Twin Cities--this month!
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