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So glad for a payday Friday!

     Happiness is the surprise of a postcard in the mail from Linda on vacation in Colorado. Very sweet of her!

     Loving the Tuesday/Thursday farmers market, especially since trying to get to the one on Saturday is too much trouble when I'm carless. Not only did I get to enjoy wilted beet greens (and roasted beets once it cools down), but somebody was selling fresh local Honeycrisp apples! What a treat, since I'm not making it out to apple orchards without a car.

     Free entertainment at work has been ongoing with the huge renovation project across the street. On Thursday they had a huge drill boring into the middle of the street for bewildering reasons. Dawn got to ask them today--turns out there's a maze of tunnels from @1880 under St Paul and they wanted to make sure the area was clear (it wasn't). They broke a bunch of massive drill bits thanks to hitting old trolley tracks that have been buried under concrete for decades.

     More happiness--I succeeded with a blood donation Thursday, and my iron level was great.

     It's nice to actually be right once in a while, and I certainly wasn't expecting to come across this gem in the book I'm currently reading:
"This raises a troubling question. If our human navigational efforts shape our hippocampus, what happens when we stop using it for this purpose--when we lean too hard on technology such as GPS, which makes navigation a brain-free endeavor? GPS replaces navigational demands with a very pure form of stimulus-response behavior (turn left, turn right). Some scientists fear that over-dependence on this technology will shrink our hippocampus. Indeed, when researchers at McGill University scanned the brains of older adults who used GPS and those who didn't, they found that the people accustomed to navigating on their own had more gray matter in the hippocampus and showed less overall cognitive impairment than those who relied on GPS."
From The Genius of Birds by Jennifer Ackerman
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