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A bundle of blessings:

     Did my first trip for food shopping via bike Saturday morning. While it was raining to start, and very hard to haul everything back, I was happy with how level and easy the paths are, and have plans to make it go better next time. That should work until the snow flies!

     Quite enjoyed roasted beets on Sunday, the deliciousness of caramelizing some onions just to eat them, and then the free "cardiac workout" when I got startled by pink post-beets pee in the toilet bowl, ha ha!

     Sunday was my second trip to church sans car. Left at 9:45, biked to the Transit Station, took the bus to the mall, then walked about 1.4 miles. I get to church quite early, but I just did Bible Study homework until the 11 am service. Then the reverse, and I made it home around 1:10 pm (so almost 3.5 hours all told). This time I discovered a pedestrian skyway near the mall so that I didn't get held up by multiple light-rail trains like happened last weekend. Glad this strategy is sustainable. If it gets too rainy/icy to use a bike, I can just start walking 10 minutes earlier.

     I found out a week or so ago that bus fare prices are rising after being level for years. Adjusted my budget accordingly...then just found out that due to the terms of my employer's contract, I won't see my pre-tax deduction rate go up for another year. Wow!

     Blessed by great news. Got to talk to my aunt last evening, and heard her testimony of receiving the peace of God before the hurricane came, so that she knew she didn't have to flee the state, or have to worry about her home. She still didn't have power yet, hopefully that will be back soon. Then got an update from my editor this morning that she had no damage and didn't even lose power. Her mother-in-law who lives in Naples stayed with them for a bit and fortunately her power is back too though water/sewage is limited. So grateful for God's kindness to all of them!
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