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Shouts · of · Joy

The last week has been quite awful, but there are always some bright…

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The last week has been quite awful, but there are always some bright spots:

     I was in charge with the monthly publish last Wednesday, but it went so fast I actually got to leave work on time. What a delightful surprise!

     Realized that if I stayed an hour later at work Thursday, and had dinner there, I could ride the bus to my singles group without much trouble. And Cheryl very kindly gave me a ride home afterward so I didn't have to wait half an hour for the bus. Worked great!

     At the State Fair I bought myself a sleeveless short dress for wearing around at home when it's hot...and I never imagined I would get to wear it so much this month!

     All the disaster of late has made me keenly grateful for electricity and especially air conditioning. And I have quite needed the latter with how hot it's been of late. So grateful for my portable AC!

     And...the temperatures are FINALLY dropping. Monday was a rainy day and I had a bunch of blue morning glories that lasted until evening since it wasn't hot and sunny. I'm really looking forward to better sleep that's cool enough for my body.
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