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The good stuff:

     Today brings me to one month of being carless (already!). Plenty to be grateful for on that front: that it hasn't gone too badly, that I've got functional strategies for getting to church and food shopping. Nor can I forget the blessing of where I work: bank, post office, and farmer's market all conveniently close, and I expect I'll soon be grateful for the Walgreens near my work as well. Last but far from least...I'll quite enjoy the extra $100 per month I can get out of my budget thanks for not needing to pay for gas or car insurance!

     Made my second trip to Cub via bike this weekend and it went better (helped it wasn't raining this time). Still some trouble having too much stuff to easily fit in my limited saddlebags and backpack, but this time I can blame it on bulky toilet paper!

     I treated myself to a quart of SweeTango apple cider and wow is that stuff amazing!

     A real joy to find that UPS has resumed delivery service to Puerto Rico, even if it's only most of San Juan so far. Progress in the right direction!
Tags: apple cider, bike errand
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