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     Biking to and from the co-op on Saturday took me past the area I'd really wanted to move to last year. I've wondered why I wasn't able to...perhaps it's so pretty around there I wouldn't want to leave! But I realized Sunday whilst biking back from the food store that living without a car at that location would be far more difficult. Especially for getting food, and especially once it's too cold to bike. So that was a neat revelation.

     Also had a bald eagle fly almost over me, not that far up, as I reached the roundabout when heading home from my third food shopping expedition by bike. Neat!

     My day off Monday was a real treat. The weather was fabulous, and autumn color is near peak now. It certainly was peak over at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum where Cindy and I spent a few hours. Got to walk around trails, see the neat harvest displays (scarecrows and lots of pumpkins and squash) and also a wildlife art display by the Hautman brothers with some stunning work. Then afterward we stopped by the Apple House. I treated myself to a jug of cider since I didn't have to worry about carrying it on my bike, and also got apples for making applesauce. We had a great time together, even if "lunch" didn't happen until 4 pm at Panera!

     On Tuesday I got to try out my new folding cart, with a one-mile trip down to the laundromat with my black clothes. It worked great overall, and will be a bigger blessing once it gets too cold or icy for biking.

     A treat at work today--a gift card to Legacy Chocolates as thanks for the work a few of us have put into the Canadian acquisition. Looking forward to using that!
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