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What a treat to have a three-day workweek!

     The lobby shop in my employer's building has been celebrating 20 years this week. That meant cookies for 25 cents each, and free popcorn on Friday. Quite enjoyed both.

     Happiness is having enough credit card points that I could get myself two books at Amazon, as well as a bag of good Deglet Noor dates, since I can't get dates at Trader Joe's now and the Cub ones were horrid.

     Feels good to finally be through with washing all the winter clothes I took out of storage, except for clothes that need hand-washing and a few last items to iron.

     So as usual it's months later than I planned, and one print needs to be redone. But I finally got two of my illustrations printed and framed to hang up in my bedroom, and I'm thrilled with how great 'Cold Hillside' looks. I bought five frames, so I'll be able to add a couple more prints later on, if/when I make art I really like.

     Speaking of art, I think my cover image for the third Geren novel is finally done, though I might look at it tomorrow and decide it needs a few more tweaks. The wallpaper version will hopefully be done soon too--I'm anticipating getting that one up online. And then it's off to the next project. I much prefer illustrations that are set outdoors rather than inside, but I fear my poor computer would beg to differ!
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