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Plenty of joys and unexpected delights during my internet fast:

     At work, all of the small monitors in my area got swapped out last week. I'm loving my new big screen with a native resolution pretty similar to mine at home--seeing my art as wallpaper images so much bigger is a great delight!

     October 27th was amazing. It SNOWED! Nearly all day long. Didn't pile up where I live, alas, but what a sight for October!

     October 27th was also amazing because Dawn brought in her homemade-from-scratch simply fabulous apple pie. And she'd kindly warned me the day prior so I could bring a container to work to take an extra slice home. Fantastic!

     Saturday was dreary and chilly--perfect weather for making homemade granola and having the oven going. My notes on oven temp and timing are now spot-on, so the cooking goes very smoothly. And now I get to ENJOY it!

     Best of all, I was finally able to get some traction with the story 'Deceptions' that I've been struggling with since July. Managed a few days of progress between Saturday and Wednesday and actually got my totals past 10,000 words. I really hope I can keep it up, but I'm so glad for how far I've gotten.
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