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     I'm far from alone in not enjoying darkness by 5:30 now that Daylight Savings is ended. But I am enjoying the brief revisit of seeing sunrises on my way to work. Friday's in particular was amazingly vivid--made me think of the Changer though I'm sure he's say HE was brighter. ;)

     It has been great fun re-watching the first two seasons of Disney's Gargoyles while on the exercise bike over the past few months. A nice revisiting of a favorite from my college years, and great to see them in order, too!

     I've been slowly collecting Christmas decor over the years of an image called "Evening Solitude" to match my lighted tapestry. Last year I got a table runner and talked myself out of a throw pillow since I wouldn't be around for Christmas anyway. But this year I didn't have that excuse...and planned to get the one on eBay. To my amazement, when I took a quick look around the internet, I found one for less than half the price because it was on clearance. Got it in the mail Friday, and with the metallic gold threads and green back it's just as well-made as the tapestry. What a treat!

     The pillow wasn't the only treat in the mail Friday. This week brought the amusing fun of my parents and I both mailing each other "care packages" and them both arriving on the same day! I'm really looking forward to savoring the goodies I got. =)

     Out the door by 8:45 and took two buses and 1.5 miles of walking to get to my 10:15 platelet donation earlier than I expected. And my iron was high enough! Since I was down there, I treated myself to lunch from Afro deli, including some fried sweet plantains, yum!
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