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Blessings during a four-day weekend:

     I have a warm winter coat and some very light jackets, but I've been missing the in-between for 20s and 30s type of weather. So I was delighted to spot a good lightweight coat in a Costco sale ad and I ordered it online--only $40! It came and I got to wear it over the weekend as well as chilly windy Monday morning, and it is just what I needed!

     Been absolutely LOVING my mom's wonderful pumpkin bread with homemade applesauce!

     On Saturday I used my new coat and walked over to the movie theater to see the latest Thor movie. Not only was it a lot of fun, it was free because I'd saved up enough points on my theater card. What a treat!

     t'DoL's birthday made the perfect excuse to put the coat on again and fetch myself a bunch of Domino's pizza on Sunday (I love their pick-up only coupons). It will be nice to have the leftovers for lunches next week too!

     Monday was t'DoL's birthday, hence why I took it off. But a definite part of the fun that day was getting out to the new Woodbury Costco and Trader Joe's with Cindy. The new Costco is less than a mile from the apartments where I grew up--amazing the change in the last 30+ years. And I'm ecstatic that I could get all the Trader Joe's items I've really been missing of late--should last me a couple months!

     Feels great to not be behind with nearly as many things as I was going into the weekend. The art project for the 2018 calendar is giving me trouble, but at least I made a good start with Geren book 3 changes in pass 7 work. And Thanksgiving is coming!
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