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Recent blessings:

     A wonderful Thanksgiving with the Towners. Aaron picked me up on his way over, and then I stayed the night and took the bus from the nearest park and ride--worked out great! It was a great time and the food was fabulous.

     Thanks to David and Aaron's great idea, we shared our Thanksgiving Bible passages by conference call this year. That was great, instead of having to make multiple phone calls, because everyone got to hear everyone else's.

     I am very grateful this workweek just had three days in it, because so many things went wrong or broke that it was crazy and stressful enough to feel like six days. Very very grateful for a weekend, and that most of the broken stuff is working again.

     Really delighted that the prints place I use just started offering shipping in a tube. That saved money, and my second attempt at printing 'Shelter from the Storm' to hang in my room is spot-on, while my first "small" (18x13) trial print of 'Laughter' is looking good too. Now I just need to figure out the frame and save up...and maybe I'll have the big print done for my birthday a year late, ha ha.

     A lovely clear morning for my walk to do food shopping, and delighted to get crazy delicious Lotzza Motzza pizza over 50% off.

     So very relieved--last night my elderly overworked pc Tertius pulled off a render of half of my 2018 calendar picture, containing t'DoL and three hyarmi cubs--and it did not explode or go corrupt. Whew! I actually have a chance of pulling this off! (Aiming for seven cubs in separate stages--though more would be nice I'm not that delusional--see how far I get!)
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