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So glad for a weekend!

     The workweek was brutal. It felt like 'whack-a-mole' (the game in my avatar) because it was just one mess after another all week long. Every day brought new issues, some quite bizarre. I feel like I definitely added to my grey hairs collection this week! Glad that I didn't have to stay late until Friday (because my boss is now in Canada and on Pacific time and needed help). And an ironic benefit too--got stress levels so high that my body didn't even notice I was fasting on Wednesday until I went home!

     Very grateful that after layers upon layers of fixes for a certain project, when I came up against a sporadic issue that completely stumped me, God led me to an answer within a day. Now we might actually be able to leave it alone until January!

     In pondering my monthly summary post for November and thinking over my story 'Deceptions,' I was blessed with a revelation. I knew the moment I wrote the ending that the story was flawed. So I put in another scene before the ending, but knew that wasn't enough. This week I was blessed to realize that the second-to-last scene needs to be the first scene; that the Heruvael point-of-view parts 'bookend' the story. I'm not looking forward to getting back into it, and I'm still wondering why God wanted me to write that tragedy, but I'm very grateful to have a solution. Thank you, God!

     Last December I impulsively bought a warm white Starfire Sphere Christmas decoration at Gertens, and during the winter months I really enjoyed having it sitting in Schleffie. So this year I wanted to get another, but have no car with which to drive to Gertens. Took to the internet and was delighted to find that they make a version that is plug-in rather than battery powered and then found a place that had it at a good price. I like the stars better on the battery one, so now my plug in one stays with Schleffie, while the battery powered one tickles me as I have a bowl full of stars (My video shows the stars blurry and far less pretty than they really are). Really enjoying them!
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