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Shouts · of · Joy

Sundry sorts of treats:      I have been…

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Sundry sorts of treats:

     I have been quite enjoying some of the Trader Joe's goodies I got two weeks ago. In particular, having their canned Mandarin oranges from Spain as part of my lunches again, and also the tiny frozen blueberries from Canada that I love to add to my oatmeal or cereal.

     A week ago, riding the bus back from church, I saw that the bike/foot bridge across the Minnesota River appeared to be open (there's been construction going on there on and off all year). So that gave me the chance to try something I've been wanting to do: walk to church. Google says it's 4.7 miles, and it went well. What I really appreciated was getting away from cities and suburbs for a little bit, getting to enjoy crossing the wetlands and seeing the low river bluffs, since I can't escape by car at present. A blessing to have such nice weather on the weekend, and to be able to take buses home after church.

     On Sunday I also walked to the movie theater to watch Justice League, which meant my walking that day probably totaled 8 miles. Since my expectations were low, I enjoyed myself immensely...and personal biases definitely played a role!

     My single-page calendar project for 2018 has experienced some interesting setbacks. Not so much with file corruption or memory overruns (this time) thankfully. Instead, the place where I order the calendars each year--well they quit providing that template. So that left me scrambling to figure out how to make one of my own and come up with a new strategy. Nothing like necessity to trigger inventiveness! I used Walmart's same-day print option to print a 12x18 draft version. Then I had to get there...and that worked out by getting off the bus at the ramp, walking there to pick up my order, walking back, and taking a different bus to get closer to home. I think I just walked around 2 miles that way, which sure beats the 4+ it would have been by not heading back to the ramp. Especially appreciated in windy drizzly weather!
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