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Payday Friday and other joys:

     Got blessed by a feature of my auto-backup service I'd forgotten about. I'd accidentally overwritten my original 2017 calendar image when I started making the 2018 one, and thought it was lost for good. But IDrive keeps up to 10 previous versions, so I was able to retrieve the file before it got overwritten. So grateful!

     Winter made quite an appearance this week! Got to enjoy extra-long bus rides with more time for work on pass 7. And I celebrated the coming of the cold and snow by singing at the bus stop Tuesday morning--'All Is Well' from long-ago church choir days.

     Happiness is getting 'With Sound Effects!' completed Tuesday night, placing my order for the calendar images Wednesday morning, and finding out they'd already shipped them Wednesday evening!! I'm enjoying having wallpapers of my new image at work and home, and I'm eagerly anticipating the thrill of doing a puzzle with it this weekend.

     Work has been brutal of late. I was very grateful to finally have a 'quiet' day on Wednesday where I made good progress on a project, but then it was right back into the frying pan on Thursday. However, all the ghastly mishaps one after another have brought some good stuff--I've learned things and uncovered various non-functioning code I would never have found otherwise. So very, very grateful for a three-day weekend!

     Dawn and I did lunch together Friday...we got food at Arby's! Next time our schedules won't be so tight and we'll be able to go somewhere better, but it was a good time.
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