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Long weekend blessings:

     Did a full walk to church for my second time on Sunday. Enjoyed it, and got a treat--on a part of the Minnesota River that hadn't frozen over yet, I saw two adult swans and two youngsters (too far off to see if they were Trumpeter or Tundra).

     One good thing about living in a much smaller place--my fir scented candle makes it all smell wonderful when I burn it! And that helps make up for having no fresh tree or wreath.

     I took Monday off to use up the last of my time that I can't carry over. And I did good stuff with it. I'd scheduled a platelet donation for 8 am, which meant I could take my usual bus to work and save time not dealing with a longer walk or connections.

     My platelet donation was successful, yay! And I got quite a treat on the walk across the Robert Street Bridge over the Mississippi River. First the snow was coming down in small strange pellets that looked like styrofoam (or minuscule snowballs). Not a variety I see very often! But then it changed suddenly to jumbo snow. And by the time I got to the Red Cross building, it was jumbo JUMBO snow--biggest I've seen in a few years. Stunning!

     Blessed that my 2018 single-page calendars got delivered Sunday though I didn't know about it until 5:30 am. But that meant I could take one along when I brought gifts to the Johnson's after my platelet donation. We had a great time, and I got to enjoy some fabulous gingerbread. Very glad I was able to make it out there and they were home!
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