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Shouts · of · Joy

Happiness comes with:      I found an…

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Happiness comes with:

     I found an 'Evening Solitude' throw on eBay and got it! It looks lovely on my futon--I'm so blessed by how many pieces I found this year!

     Sunlight Tuesday for my poor plants after two weeks of cloudiness. Also a little sun on Friday, and hopefully that will help them hold out until there's more next week.

     Blessed during the first half of the workweek to have no drama, nothing breaking, no tiny needles to fish out of huge haystacks either. So despite not being in the best shape due to a cold, I made huge progress on the endless list of projects at present. (AKA, cram in as much as possible before Jury Duty hits.)

     An amazing gift from heaven--my employer announced they are matching up to $10,000 for Puerto Rico aid! What a blessing to be able to make a sizable donation and double my impact!

     The tail end of this week has been all about parties. Thursday brought a party at work for all the people under my wonderful manager. Then Thursday night, a party with my singles group that was quite fun. And Friday, another party at work!

     Friday was special for another reason as well. December 22 brings me to 42.5 years old. I feel like I just turned 40, and now I'm halfway to 45, already!
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Reaching My Ears:
'Emmanuel God with Us' by Point of Grace
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