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     For my shopping trip on Saturday, I used some hand warmers, and that quite helped with having to haul on a cold metal cart for there and back. Having hand warmers around will be a real blessing with the deep cold coming in.

     Since they last for hours, the hand warmers were still toasty for my walk to the movie theater on Saturday as well. Got to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi and quite enjoyed it.

     Finally got 'The Deceptions of Hu-Havenn' polished up and made into a pdf. Feels good to be done with it...except I do have a bit of an urge to do a 'romantic' illustration of Heruvael and Hu-Havenn next summer...

     A treat on Sunday heading back from church. Low clouds with sunlight spilling through, and light snow falling. It was beautiful, and it blessed me because it so matched the weather in the picture I'm currently working on. I was able to make observations as well as just plain enjoy it.

     So blessed by wonderful gifts for Christmas, as well as the delight of giving gifts. And lots of amazing goodies too! And a nice time at the Towners, and the fun of watching The Grinch and The Nativity Story, along with my own personal tradition of music all through Christmas Eve night. It's a treat when Christmas falls on a Monday.

     Merry Christmas, everyone!
Tags: art, deceptions, movies, skyscapes
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