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Shouts · of · Joy

Hurrah for a three-day weekend!      This…

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Hurrah for a three-day weekend!

     This week has been quite bitterly cold, and that brings its own fun (it's around -13 with a -30 wind chill out as I post this). Wednesday morning I walked out the door and then wondered if I'd forgotten to put my pants on. All I could feel warmth from was my jacket, since the sub-zero temps had instantly gone through my pants and thermal underwear like they weren't there! Thursday and Friday brought a little snow, which led to the dubious fun of the huge coach bus slithering around on black ice, and the better entertainment of squeaky fresh snow on the sidewalks. Squeaky snow is so neat!

     The microwaveable heating pad I bought years and years ago for Holly (considering it will be 12 years since she died on New Year's Eve) is as ever proving a blessing. I can heat it up and hang it around my neck for the super cold mornings, bring it to work to help me stay warm, and it is a near-permanent fixture during the winters months at home--it's under my feet as I type this. I hope the makers never go out of business but I fear they just might since their product is so excellent it lasts nearly forever!

     Happiness is getting to use a $5 gift card for the lobby shop I won months ago to get cheesy popcorn and pop to help celebrate the new year (since I am completely broke). I'm glad I remembered I have it!

     Delighted that the County website was updated by 4 instead of 5, so I could find out I do not have to report for Jury Duty this next Tuesday before I left work, rather than afterward. Very relieved about that!

     Not only does this weekend bring me to the end of horrible 2017, today brings me to only 49 days remaining before my 25th anniversary of first 'meeting' t'DoL!! 7x7 is a wonderful avarii number, so today is when I moved the countdown on my mermaid pillow to be just in days, rather than months. Excitement!
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On January 1st, 2018 01:51 am (UTC), shout_of_joy commented:
It really is! I have to heat it up over 100 times each winter!