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New Year blessings:

     The cold continues, but it certainly has its nice aspects. One being the gorgeous frost on my windows, which I took photos of on Saturday. A second: the folks in the adjacent condo who sometimes do loud late parties on their deck did nothing of the sort for New Year's when it was -12 below, hah!

     Thanks to some wonderful and generous Amazon gift cards I received for Christmas, I was able to get myself a blu-ray player, which I've been wanting for a while. Got to enjoy that over the weekend, in which I watched four movies and put 81 miles onto the exercise bike. =)

     Got the best thank-you card ever on Tuesday, from my nieces and nephews for their Christmas gifts.

     Really blessed by timing, generosity, and Providence this week. Timing--I did not get called for Jury Duty Wednesday, which was very good as my teammate had to attend a funeral. Generosity--the Towners kindly loaned me their extra minivan, and that meant I could go to the worship and prayer service at my church Wednesday night. Providence--I got called for Jury Duty Thursday, and didn't find out until we were released that it had been for a three-week criminal case. But the defendant pleaded guilty and we all got to leave before noon! (I might get called back next week, but hopefully it would be a civil trial if anything.)
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