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Recent blessings:

     Last Friday, I got a really sweet and amusing gift from my former teammate turned former downstairs supervisor, who has now left my area. She gave me a replica of a time-turner (from Harry Potter) and her note said she'd never met anyone who seemed to have a time-turner until me! That makes me laugh, because I can hear the Shado laughing at me. And because while I might appear to have supernatural powers in regard to efficiency, levelheadedness, and time on the job, I most certainly do NOT with my real work!

     A real blessing to have the Towner's minivan over the weekend. It brought the delight of going to church and it not being a 3.5 hour process, and the blessing of getting to go food shopping Saturday morning when it was -12 out and not having to walk there.

     -12, however, brought me another amazing array of frost patterns on my bedroom window, and a photo I plan to long enjoy as a computer wallpaper. God's art is so awesome!

     If the heat had to go out at my end of the apartment, what a blessing that it waited until the very end of the cold snap. I was shocked to find my place at 56 inside on Sunday morning, but thankfully they had it fixed by that afternoon.

     Wonderful news at the jury duty website this afternoon--they are done with new trials for this period so I am off the hook! Hurrah!

     Best of all, today makes only 40 days until my 25th anniversary of first meeting t'DoL!
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