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Shouts · of · Joy

Delights:      Happiness is Amazon credit…

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     Happiness is Amazon credit card points I can use for a blu-ray and a dvd set!

     Checked airfare Monday to start scoping prices for visiting family in April and was blown away by some direct flight tickets at a great time and a great price. Shortest airfare search ever. What a blessing!

     So blessed by how quickly I got through (most of) my review of Geren book 1. I started on January 7th and hit the end on the 16th. Still have some tedious checks to run through at the same time as I do them for book 2, but that can happen on the weekend. So much faster than I ever expected, and now for book 2! I'm so excited that I might be ready to plunge into book 4 rewrites sooner than I expected...

     And today makes only 1 month left to my 25th anniversary of meeting t'DoL! Wow! Now for the final countdown, and so much to do and prepare!
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'Your Love Defends Me' by Matt Maher
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