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     At work Thursday, a few of us made hot chocolate and then walked over to see the new ice palace in Rice Park. We were a little early since it was an hour or so before opening, but since it's not a big one, we got a good enough view walking around the block. The ice blocks were a beautiful aqua hue from what is purportedly the cleanest lake in the state.

     Also on Thursday, the most hilarious glitch in the software I've seen in years. Every time they tried to export the batch, it duplicated pages! Before we went to see the ice palace it was around 1,500 pages in size, and when we got back, it was past 5,000! It was out to take over the world...but it didn't even jam up the server. I'm going to remember that one for a while!

     Everything was on Thursday, apparently! I finished my initial sweep through the second Geren book that morning, so it's pretty much just tedious checking that's left, except--

     On Thursday I also finally heard back from my poor editor, who has been having far too much craziness for months. But now that I have her answers it put a few more items on my plate but I'm also finally in position to wrap it up with the first three Geren books. Got some other good news in her email as well, something I did a fairly good job of not wasting energy worrying about prematurely. If I had, it would have been a whole boatload of panic for absolutely no reason...grateful to God for lessons in not worrying.

     And today makes 21 days--just three weeks--left until the 25th anniversary of first 'meeting' t'DoL! How better to count down than to come up with a great idea for a 26th anniversary essay this morning, and I also got one step closer, maybe even finished, with finding the 'name' for the world of my stories...
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