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Recent good stuff:

     Dawn and Mark treated me to Punch Neopolitan Pizza, since I was at their place most of the day Saturday helping Dawn set up their new computer. I've been hearing her rave about it for a while--it was fun to actually get to have some!

     Another treat from Saturday--while I was there, some Girl Scouts stopped by, despite the weather. So Dawn bought me a box of Lemonades that I have been massively enjoying.

     After going a few weeks without access to home email or much else at work, I was able to start using my new Karma wi-fi on Monday. A double blessing--not only can I access my email and LJ on lunches again, but I was able to get a new one on eBay for less than half the $200 they cost at the Karma website. Very glad for that, and linking it to my current grandfathered account worked great as well!

     A blessing Monday on the job front also. When my boss heard I was planning to work late, she went through my list at our weekly meeting and pushed a bunch of assignments back to March. So not only was that a big reprieve with no overtime needed before my big time off stint, but a well timed blessing too. The female curse showed up Monday and proved the most brutal round I've had in years. Felt like I was working at 50% capacity for a couple days and I would never have managed with my original load of projects, no matter how much overtime I did.

     Blessed to have some gift cards I can use for goodies for my celebration. Used one at the lobby shop today, and tomorrow I'll use the Legacy Chocolates one, because--

     Today makes only 10 days to the 25th anniversary of when I first 'met' t'DoL! Single digits and final countdown celebrating starts TOMORROW!!
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