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Abundant delights during my celebration week:

     On Monday, the Towners and I went to the Arboretum to see the "Fragrances of Spring" flower show, which also had a Paul Granlund exhibit. The smells were incredible, the orchids were stunning as were the rest of the spring flowers. Hyacinths, narcissus, various types of primroses, kalanchoe, carnations, lilies, and so much more. We had a great time getting a preview of spring!

     On Tuesday I got to go shopping at Costco and Trader Joe's with Cindy. That included spending the wonderful gift card from Dawn at Trader Joe's, and a delicious lunch at Cafe Zupas. We had a good time catching up, too.

     Which leads right into the next joy--loads of fun with goodies this week! Treated myself after church to Truffled Mushroom pizza at Pizza Studio in the Mall of America...and found a popcorn shop there so of course I had to bring a bag of cheese popcorn home! Let myself indulge with donuts from Cub, got my favorite sea-salt brownies at Trader Joe's, and eventually I'll break into the madelines from Costco! Nor can I leave out the fun I've been having with chips and guacamole!

     Very happy for progress. I haven't gotten near as far as I wanted with the huge list of stuff I hoped to do on my time off. But at least I got on anniversary essay written, some more progress with the final tweaks for the first three Geren books, short essays on my silly elevator game and also t'DoL's clothing written and posted, finally took down my remaining Christmas decorations, some needed background work on my timeline and other writing-related resources, long phone calls with my wonderful mother, and best of all, got started writing my 25th anniversary story--'Relentless'! (So called because the story was inspired by the picture I planned to make for my 25th anniversary...and will likely get finished before the picture, too!)

     Speaking of my wonderful mother, I certainly can't leave out her kindness! A tear-inducing Valentine's Day card, a package stuffed full of homemade goodies (cookies and blueberry lemon bread!), and a sweet note to congratulate me on my 25th anniversary with a gift card too! She is THE BEST! =D And God has really spoiled me with her!
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