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Shouts · of · Joy

Lots of good stuff:      Friday was my…

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Lots of good stuff:

     Friday was my first paycheck under the new tax plan. Delighted by my nice "raise"! Since I know I won't be getting big tax returns in the future, a chunk of it will need to be saved up for Use Tax, but it sure is a nice treat!

     Quite a relief to get both my planned anniversary essays done in time, as well as getting two little ones written as well. I'm glad for the internet yet again--found out how to use shapes in Microsoft Word to create a bunch of bell curves for one of my essays. That was far too much fun and added quite a lot!

     Pleased with my progress on my 'Relentless' 25th anniversary picture over the past few days, and also on a small side-project illustrating the Mastersword, since I figured out a way around the issues I had with it in my 'Face-off' project. Indulged myself with a little fun doing a t'DoL animation on my anniversary day, but it works so badly in Vue I may have to abandon it to save my sanity. At least those projects make great food for my imagination.

     Thanks to all the feasting I've been doing during my celebration week, I had to do more exercise to make up for it. And that's led to the great fun of watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan through Star Trek VII: Generations. Been having fun with Star Trek soundtrack music as well, and my memories of what age I was when Star Trek IV - VI came out.

     Very glad I have one more day off before it's back to the mindless routine!
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