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Bright spots in a four-day workweek:

     I was hoping I would be able to tell the difference in day length after taking off work for eleven days. Tuesday was too cloudy, but on Wednesday morning I quite enjoyed how much brighter the predawn light is now as I walk to the bus stop.

     Then on Thursday morning I finally got to hear my first cardinal song for the coming spring!

     My boss is full of interesting facts at times. On Thursday, she derailed both me and my teammate's productivity entirely when she told us about the barreleye fish. Neither of us had heard about them. It's a deep-sea fish with half of its head transparent so its eyes can look through it (and collect more light). God's creativity just blows my mind!

     Ended up getting a bit of snow overnight Thursday--some 5-6 inches where I live. As it was pretty heavy snow with very little wind, it made for a gorgeous morning with all the trees and everything else silhouetted with whiteness. However, I had to do a bit more wading than usual heading to the bus stop--all the locals were too worn out or unmotivated on a Friday morning, and nobody had even cleared their driveway, let alone the walking path!

     A nice lunch with Dawn at Keys on Friday, which also served as a needed reprieve, since that morning was way too crazy. Glad it calmed down a little in the afternoon and I actually got a little of my project work done!

     Even bigger storm expected tomorrow, whoot!
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