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Lots of good stuff!

     Got to see Black Panther on Saturday and the timing was great--left the theater just as a winter storm was getting underway, so I was able to get food at Chipotle and walk home before it got too bad. And both movie and food were covered by gift cards from my wonderful parents--how neat is that!

     So I am running a bit late, but pass 1 for my fourth Geren book is finally underway! Feels great to be moving with it.

     Blown away Sunday by my Netflix movie. A Monster Calls is the most creative, profound, beautiful, and heartrendingly sad movie I have seen in years. So very glad, so blessed, that I saw it!

     Monday brought more craziness at work--feel like I'm inside a popcorn popper with how nuts it's been lately. But Monday also brought closure or progress in three different areas where I've been stuck over the past weeks. First, I can get into my garage after being locked out for weeks (and use my cart for groceries again)! Second, I can do my taxes this weekend with all my charitable giving receipts at hand! Third, I'm moving forward with my biggest 25th anniversary special purchase. It was good to practice patience with all three areas as well. Yay!
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