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     While I'm not enjoying dark mornings again heading to the bus stop--makes it harder to spot the ice--I did have a treat on Wednesday. A slender waning crescent moon down on the twilight horizon, backlit and reminding me of Geren book 5. Right time of year, too!

     Wednesday also brought Pi Day, which meant loads of delicious pies to pig out on at work, with plenty of leftovers for Thursday too. I got to enjoy pecan, Key Lime, pumpkin, apple, and a type of cheesecake (renamed cheesepie to fit the theme). Hey, they are round!

     On Thursday night, I joined a bunch of others from my church group to enjoy a local Michael W Smith concert. I enjoyed the delicious Australian accent of Nathan Tasker, who played beforehand. The main concert was amazing and went quite long--didn't get home until nearly 10:30! Very glad that I went--since then I've been savoring some songs I bought from his two most recent albums.

     No drama with the bus getting to/from church today, hurrah! That meant I had time to get a yummy honey cruller donut at Tim Horton's and not have my stomach screaming for lunch halfway through church. Nice to have less and less ice to deal with for walking as well--both getting to church and buying food.

     A project I'd wanted to do last year but got blocked, is finally underway this month. I'm very happy with the learning guide I bought last year, and my progress. Also hoping I have something presentable ready by my birthday!
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