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Shouts · of · Joy

So glad it's a Friday!      Focusing on the…

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So glad it's a Friday!

     Focusing on the positives. Had my worst fall on ice in years Tuesday morning, with my right pinky getting the brunt of it. So I'm very grateful that despite it being a bit beat up, the scrapes have not hindered my ability to type. It's amazing how much work a right pinky does on a keyboard, or with a mouse!

     It's dark while waiting for the bus in the mornings again, but I don't need light to recognize the robin that's been in the area the past few days. He's been letting out lots of alarm calls, but on Wednesday and Friday he also did a little bit of singing. And I could hear other robins far off on Thursday morning. Spring is coming!

     Quite a treat Friday morning, literally. Some people, as part of the company rebranding, came by with a cart FULL of goodies. Loads and loads of Krispy Kreme wrapped pastries. I very much enjoyed my roll of mini donuts!

     Ordered my new desktop Quartus on Tuesday and it got shipped on Friday. Excitement!

     Best of all, just finished pass 1 through my fourth Geren book, and managed to shave off just under 10,000 words merely by pruning some old bad habits. Now comes pass 2, the really challenging bit...
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