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Ah, Friday the 13th. Those are always a treat.

     I'm grateful the workweek went as pleasantly as it did. I wasn't sure how I'd adjust to a full 5 days after three weeks of 2-3 days working.

     Some entertainment this morning at work in the form of a power outage that just affected most of the computers and machines. Alas, I was just getting comfortable with a book when the power returned. Still, it was fun.

     It's been about a year of on-and off messes from the road construction on my block, and today they laid the final coat of blacktop. It will seem strange not having construction equipment and related objects around anymore.

     The weather forecast has changed! Instead of rising into the 90's, it's supposed to make a slower rise to just plain average highs (83-84 F/28 C). Wonderful for me and my grasshopper-decimated wreck of a garden.

     My cat Shado is a delight. Last night he set up his howling ("Mom, get it for me! Get it! Get it!") so I walked over assuming there was a bug on the ceiling he wanted knocked down...but it was a grasshopper escaping under my featherbed on the floor. I lifted the mattress up and the grasshopper leapt off, soon to be captured and munched upon. It amuses me how we 'train' each other. He knows I can reach the ceiling, and from a single observation chasing a grasshopper earlier in the week, he now knows I can lift the mattress for him too.
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