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Shouts · of · Joy

Lots of blessings!      Thursday was an…

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Lots of blessings!

     Thursday was an amazing day. Melody Pena's Kickstarter, which I have been long anticipating, got off to a stunning start with the fundraising goal surpassed in just a few hours. What a joy! Now comes the fun of more waiting for the wonderful results. =)

     Got a big surprise at the end of the workday Thursday, when I found out that I'm getting 'Exceeding' on my Performance Review for 2017. Wow! Those are not easy to get and I was not expecting it at all--turns out the Canada project had a big role. Thank you, God!

     Friday morning brought a cold but neat walk to the bus stop. In the west, a setting nearly-full moon in a delicious shade of amber, and all around the delightful sounds of birds. Crows, chickadees, ducks, cardinals, robins, and more. The land is coming alive as spring approaches.

     Very happy that March is an extra paycheck month, as that's how I get to visit family in April and make special outings during that trip. Looking forward to it!

     The wonderful Towners very kindly loaned me their minivan after work Thursday. Thanks to that, I was able to attend the Good Friday service at my church, and enjoy the blessing of getting to drive for my food shopping too! They were also so kind as to let me have my
new desktop delivered to their home--Quartus arrived on Friday. So grateful!
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