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Just a few of many California highlights:

     It has been great seeing green! I've gotten out for a few walks with my mother in the mornings and really enjoy all the thriving plants and flowers after so many months without seeing that back at home.

     Blessed by a wonderful trip down to San Diego with my mom and my two oldest nieces. It was their first time flying and blessedly smooth travel. The weather was great (first San Diego visit where I didn't get rained on) and we had a good time at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo. I enjoying seeing my first shoebill crane and blue-eyed black lemurs, among others. The cheetah run safari was amazing and it's always nice to visit Coronado Island.

     I've been earning my mom's wonderful cooking by doing things like painting a door and providing all sorts of free tech support. Also happy that my parents enjoyed the Chicago mix popcorn and homemade granola I brought them; we've had a good time watching movies together some evenings. I was also blessed to get some nice work shoes as a gift from my wonderful mom and a pair of sandals on a great sale when we did some shopping at the discount mall.
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