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Shouts · of · Joy

A bundle of blessings:      Due to my nice…

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A bundle of blessings:

     Due to my nice cheap airfare, I didn't get to pick my seat until check-in and only middle seats were left. So to my relief, I wound up between two ladies and nobody was overweight or otherwise troublesome. Grateful for that!

     As ever, grateful to the Towners for giving me rides to/from the airport and also watering my plants while I was gone.

     It's been warmer than I'd like back home, a huge difference from the giant mounds of snow everywhere when I left! But I'm glad I didn't miss too much spring, as the trees are just starting to leaf out and the grass is nice and green. I spotted a bunch of lakes that still had ice on them during landing, but that won't last in this weather.

     My weight on getting back wasn't as bad as I feared, hurrah!

     Blessed to have a garden center close enough to walk to, which I'd kept forgetting to check out in prior years when I had a car. Went over there this morning and was very pleased with the selection. Also quite enjoyed seeing forsythia and small magnolia trees in full bloom on my walk, along with savoring the calling of frogs from a marshy area.

     It was far too hot to walk later on, so I'm glad I could bike to the movie theater and do a little grocery shopping afterward in the afternoon. Quite enjoyed Avengers: Infinity War, though the cliffhanger is rather sadistic. I wish I had seen it on the IMAX screen!
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