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Wasn't the best of weekends, but two high points stand out:

First off, it's July 15th! Half of July over, and with it, half the summer as well. Yeehaw!

Secondly, I spent a chunk of time Saturday (consonants) and Sunday (vowels) coming up with letters for the hyarmi alphabet, then transferring them onto my computer.

It was fun making each letter from right to left, as they write in the opposite direction. (You can see them all here)

It was fun of an entirely different sort trying to actually write with the letters. Self-deprecating fun, as laying the letters out separately is the sort of thing a four-year-old cub learning the alphabet would do, whereas my attempts to join the letters like they actually write them looked more like a seven-year-old's clumsy floundering. Unless I take a year to practice, I'll certainly never write like grown-up Hileko, let alone Recorder Hallen! My brain needs to get jarred out of its rut anyway, as they don't have our obsession with writing in straight lines.

Go ahead and chuckle!

Sure feels good to finally have that done!
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