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Shouts · of · Joy

A lot of driving over the past two days--about 7.5 hours Saturday…

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A lot of driving over the past two days--about 7.5 hours Saturday down to Peoria, Illinois, for the Killing Krytonite tour stop, and then the return on Sunday. So I'm very grateful to have today off!

     Blessed by good driving weather--cloudy most of the time, and I never wound up going through any heavy rain.

     It was such a treat to drive through such gorgeous countryside, a great deal of which was new to me. Everything is verdant in June, and I loved the views of woodlands, farmland, hills, and the gorgeous bluffs by the Mississippi. I definitely have a higher opinion of Iowa, but it was neat to drive through parts of four states on Saturday.

     Found two places I'd love to take my mom sometime--Dubuque and Guttenberg, and next to Guttenberg was the most unique scenic overlook I've visited. Because locals were selling jam, maple syrup, and honey from the area. So I did some granola ingredients shopping after I took in the view!

     My first time staying in a hotel room alone while also traveling alone, and it went very well. Loved the free cookies and the continental breakfast was fantastic.

     I will NOT need to drive so far in August--John Bevere is coming to my state, and actually a nearby suburb! =)
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