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So glad for a weekend, however hot it gets! So glad for air conditioning!

     Forgot to mention in the last post. As part of my employer's rebranding, everyone got a Yeti drink holder with the new company logo. I finally got around to trying it out on my Peoria trip, and it is amazing! Keeps my drink cool for hours on end; perfect for long road trips.

     Hugely blessed by a website I found Tuesday that had just what I needed regarding what I was struggling with. Thank you, God!

     I have been enjoying the peonies the past couple weeks as I walk to and from the bus stop. Much better than last year, when they got ripped to shreds by strong storms only a few days after they started blooming.

     Also quite enjoyed the asparagus I picked up at the Farmer's Market in Davenport, Iowa. I'm looking forward to savoring more local veggies soon!

     It took longer than I planned, but I finally finished compiling a spreadsheet of various trips and visits my mom and I have done since 2006. We've been blessed to go to all sorts of wonderful places and find wonderful restaurants too, but it's really hard to remember what year goes with what event in order to look it up in my journal. Hopefully this will help!
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