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Birthday weekend blessings:

     For weeks now, I've been saying how I hate summer...then laughing because it hadn't even started yet. Well, now Midsummer is past, and I can at least anticipate the nights eventually getting longer again. The whole ordeal with light blocks every night and morning is quite tedious, but every night I can sleep before 10 pm and after 4 am makes it quite worth it. Summer has finally 'started,' hah!

     Blessed by a gift of Chicago mix popcorn my coworker Dawn gave me the day before my birthday (as she was off on Friday). Quite enjoying it!

     Also the day before my birthday, blessed to have dinner with the Towners. Their son and daughter-in-law from Florida are up visiting, along with their two dogs. I quite enjoyed that, and Joe showing off the LED lighting he installed in the garage and the nifty gadget he got that finds current through drywall. Can't forget wonderful birthday brownies hot out of the oven. YUM!

     The reason I was over on Thursday was not just because of my birthday, but because the Towners were kind enough to loan me their minivan again. Thanks to that, I was able to drive to the local art festival on Saturday. And more than that--the library! I'd been frustrated that I wouldn't get to the library until autumn, since there wasn't a spring this year. But on Wednesday I realized I should look at other county libraries, and I was blessed to find one near enough the bus line to be feasible. I can use bike + bus + walking to get to that library on Saturday, and roll in the Farmer's Market too as it is right next door. And then I can just stay on the bus I take home from church Sunday, and do that whenever I need to return books. What a joy, that even though it will still cost a fair bit of time, at least I can start reading some library books before September!

     Happiness is a birthday box full of wonderful homemade goodies from my wonderful mother. Blueberry lemon bread for breakfast, whoo-hoo! Looking forward to sampling the rest later!
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