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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent delights:      Got to go see…

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Recent delights:

     Got to go see Incredibles 2 on Sunday and that was a lot of fun. Also, thanks to the Towner's minivan, did some scouting of potential areas to move to next year. That was fascinating.

     A real treat on Monday morning. Headed out early at 6 so I could pick up treats to bring to work for belated birthday goodies. I would not have seen it if I'd left at my usual time, but I got to savor a marvelous morning rainbow, quite high and lasting for a good while as well--and no rainfall in my area! Best rainbow I've seen in quite some time.

     I brought goodies on Monday--bagels and also donuts from a local bakery--because both my boss and Dawn were off on Friday. But it worked out great, as I could leave the cream cheese in the work fridge overnight and have leftovers on Tuesday! It is very nice to have that fridge around.

     Happiness is getting to place an order using the wonderful birthday gift of an Amazon gift card! Whoo-hoo!
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