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A couple bright spots for today: one gift, one accomplishment, and lovely comments.

     The gift was a bag of fresh three-way popcorn from my coworker Dawn. I did a little online research for her this morning on the surgery her niece is going to have, and apparently she was very grateful. Quite kind of her!

     The accomplishment was getting my 'back-burner' list all laid out and organized on LJ. 17 stories I hope to write some day (well, 2 of the 17 are groupings of stories) that have been swishing around in my head for anywhere between 2 and 14 years. I expect I'll be doing more polishing and organizing of the list tomorrow; I'll probably make it viewable to interested readers (with LJ accounts) next week. Sure feels good--and a bit exciting...and who knows, but working on it might help some more stuff emerge from the morass of my memory.

     Last but not least, mushy hugs for those that commented on my previous post! It means a lot! =D *snuggles*
Tags: job: coworkers, popcorn, what's cooking
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