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Recent blessings:

     A very memorable and special church service on Sunday--the power went out a few minutes in and stayed out until right near the end! I was impressed with the support guys who rigged up a neat light, and since our pastor couldn't see a clock, he took more time and the message was exactly what I needed, too. I will not be forgetting this Sunday for a while!

     Also on Sunday, delighted to find the camera battery recharger I thought I'd lost--was beginning to think I'd left it in San Diego. But it had just fallen sideways behind some other stuff, whew!

     Delighted to discover that my purple 'Grandpa Ott' morning glories have already started blooming! They're much less fussy about that than the 'Heavenly Blue.'

     A treat to have the 4th of July fall smack in the middle of the workweek. Got a whole bunch of stuff done in the morning, then over to the Towners for lunch. A few people were there and it was a great time, especially as I could stay inside with the air conditioning. And now just two more work days before the weekend!
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